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Your Family's EASY Cleaning Calendar

For many families with children, keeping the house orderly can feel as productive as brushing your teeth while eating cookies. Rather than let household chores become overwhelming, download our handy Family Cleaning Calendar so everyone in your home knows how to help. Make it fun, too! We recommend printing and hanging it on your fridge.

Family Cleaning Calendar

Create Healthy & HAPPY Cleaning Habits

Child Helping to Clean

New Year's Resolutions often include positive changes for the months to come. This "Family Cleaning Calendar" is so EASY to implement and removes stress of accumulated household chores. Plus your children can chime in, making it fun family teamwork! We recommend printing it and keeping it where it is convenient to refer to.

Some Helpful TIPS:

  1. Spell out the details of what you want. Each member of your home can help when they are given age appropriate tasks that match the daily cleaning theme.

  2. Keep a consistent routine. Experts say that 21 days forms a habit. Tidying the home together will feel like a normal daily routine when you keep up the good work. And even if you miss some time, don't get discouraged!

  3. Positive reinforcement works wonders! Keep the mood positive and point out all the RIGHT things your children are doing to be helpful. Encouragement builds their desire to try even harder.

  4. Patience is a virtue. True, you could probably sweep the floor faster than your child, but giving children a chance to learn, try, make mistakes, and make improvements teaches valuable life skills for the next generation.

  5. Teach work before reward. Taking small segments of the day to take care of your home teaches responsibility. Follow up good work with a fun activity, book, or yummy snack. Even a hug and high five can keep everyone SMILING.

  6. Maintain a clean and healthy mouth. As important as it is to have a peaceful home environment, it is perhaps even more essential to keep up with your family's health and wellbeing. Maintain good daily oral hygiene, and ensure semiannual dental cleanings. A pediatric dentist, such as Sunshine Children's Dentistry, can provide specialized care for your little ones in a fun, kid-friendly setting. And don't forget, oral health is often related to the overall health of your body.

For some additional tips on Age Related Chores that kids can learn and master, feel free to check out this article:

Sunshine Children's Dentistry staff

We at Sunshine Children's Dentistry are THANKFUL for our patients!

Your family is a blessing to everyone at our office. Thank you for the honor of serving you! If you ever need to reach us, our number is 910.762.7736.

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