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๐Ÿงก Children's Thankfulness Activity - a Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is the perfect reminder to think about all our blessings. Make a new annual tradition, and try this activity with your children to help inspire a heart of gratitude. Plus you will have a beautiful keepsake to cherish for years to come.

Happy Teeth come from Healthy Meals!

Create this beautiful piece of art with your children this Thanksgiving. All you will need is some colorful paper, a glue stick, scissors, and markers.


  1. Start by outlining each of your children's hands onto various colors of paper.

  2. Cut out the handprints, and glue them onto a contrasting color of construction paper. Allow your children to decorate the background paper with markers.

  3. On each handprint, allow your children to write down what they are thankful for. (You can assist them with this step if your children are still learning to write.) See below for "thankfulness topics" to help spark their gratitude and creativity.

  4. Be sure to write the year and your children's ages. Display at your Thanksgiving feast for everyone to enjoy.

THANKFULNESS TOPICS: Below are just a few examples to help you get started...

  1. RELATIONSHIPS: Family, Friends, Pets, Teachers, Neighbors (& Dentist!)

  2. TALENTS: Music, Sports, Reading, Artwork, Dancing, Singing

  3. INVOLVEMENT: Teams, Music Lessons, After-school Activities, Regular Playdates

  4. GOODNESS THIS YEAR: Blessings that made you smile

  5. FAVORITE EXPERIENCES: Vacation, Aquarium, Bowling, Beach, Visiting a Friend

  6. POSSESSIONS: Home, Toys, Games, Books, Clothes, Yummy Food

Sunshine Children's Dentistry is very THANKFUL for you! Your family is a blessing to everyone at our office. If you ever need to reach us, our phone number is 910.762.7736. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.


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