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Sunshine Children’s Dentistry is a well-trained dental practice that provides excellent and efficient service in a creative fun environment. We have a large, beautiful office with state of the art equipment. We can take care of all your child’s dental needs! 

All your child's dental services...

 -  Infant Oral Care   (visit page >)
-  1st Dental Visit   (visit page >)
-  Routine Cleanings

-  Fissure Sealants
-  Dental Restoration
-  Appliances
-  Space Maintainers

         (to save room for adult teeth)
-  X Rays
-  Full Mouth Rehabilitation
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Sunshine Children's Dentistry in waiting room.
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Patient Prizes
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Emergency Dentistry

If your child faces a dental emergency, give us a call immediately!

Baby Tooth that is Chipped/Fractured: Contact our office as soon as you can. If the baby tooth is completely knocked out (missing), call our office during business hours for, in most cases, no treatment is required.

Missing Permanent Tooth: Try to find the tooth and then handle with extreme care; do not try to clean the tooth with soap and water. Contact our office as soon as possible because there is a possibility that the tooth can be saved.

Tongue, Lip, or Cheek Bite or Cut: Apply ice immediately to the affected area. If the bleeding does not stop after pressure is applied with cloth or gauze, proceed to your medical doctor’s office or nearest hospital emergency room.

Sedation Options

We are able to offer N2O (Nitrous Oxide for safe inpatient sedation) and Outpatient Hospital Sedation when required.

We hope to see you soon!
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