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Gratitude Journal for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is the perfect reminder to reflect on the year and focus on our blessings. While together with your loved ones during this Holiday Season, try this activity. It will help to develop a heart of gratitude within your children and will be a keepsake to look back on.

Gratitude Journal for the Holidays


  1. Create a "Gratitude Journal" for your family. It is a tangible way each member of your family can express what they are thankful for. Since the theme of Thanksgiving Day is thankfulness, perhaps choose a time before or after dinner for each person to write in the journal.

  2. Date and autograph each entry. Everyone can be involved! Let young children say aloud their list of blessings for an adult to write. Children can also draw pictures of what they are grateful for.

  3. Decide on the frequency of your Gratitude Entries. For example, you may begin with Thanksgiving, but also choose to add to the journal on holidays, birthdays, and milestone moments.

  4. Reflect on your blessings throughout the year. The journal will be a source of joy and encouragement as you look back at the Gratitude Entries in the months and years to come. And just think how precious your journal will be with excerpts from grandparents and distant relatives who have the opportunity to contribute!


  1. Write in detail. Think about one thing that has recently impacted you, and ponder on how it has helped develop your character.

  2. Appreciate relationships. Find gratitude in having relationships with the most irreplaceable gifts in life - people. Consider all the people who make your life feel bright and blessed.

  3. Material possessions. Instead of just saying THANK YOU for items you own, reflect on reasons why your life is better or easier because of something. True value isn't the amount of money it costs, but the quality of life added.

  4. Uncover gratitude in unexpected moments. Find something to be grateful for in the midst of difficult circumstances.

  5. Appreciate the moment. Write on where, when, how, and what is great about a certain chapter of your life.

  6. Reflect on WHO you are. Your health, abilities, talents, experiences, education, memories - the preciousness of YOU!

Sunshine Children's Dentistry staff

We at Sunshine Children's Dentistry are THANKFUL for our patients!

Your family is a blessing to everyone at our office. Thank you for the honor of serving you! If you ever need to reach us, our number is 910.762.7736.

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