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Making a Magical TOOTH FAIRY Experience for your Child

The Tooth Fairy is an iconic part of childhood, carrying wonder and magic. But where did this tradition start from? Below is information about the terrific Tooth Fairy, as well as incredible ideas to make this experience as MAGICAL for your child as possible.

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WHAT IS THE HISTORY OF THE TOOTH FAIRY? The Tooth Fairy is such an iconic part of childhood, carrying the same wonder and magic as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. But where did this tradition start from? In early European cultures, a child’s first lost tooth was sometimes buried around their home with hopes that it would bring luck to the growing child. And legend says that Vikings were known to carry the first tooth of their children to give them good fortune during battles. But the Tooth Fairy we know today is thought to have originated from Fairy Tales - the good fairy who visits children who are leaving babyhood.

Children's Tooth Timeline


Most children can expect to lose their first tooth around age 5 or 6, although some lose their first tooth earlier or later. A common rule of thumb is that the same order that the teeth erupted as a baby is the same order for their “big kid tooth eviction”. This schedule may be a handy reference:

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WHAT PRIZE DOES THE TOOTH FAIRY LEAVE? A popular notion which encourages good hygiene is that the Tooth Fairy leaves better rewards for cleaner teeth. So, does your Tooth Fairy leave money or some other prize? A recent survey done by Visa determined that the average cash left is $3.70, which is more than it was when we were growing up. Many Tooth Fairies leave something relatively more magical for the first tooth. But as there are many Tooth Fairies of all shapes and sizes, perhaps the one who visits your family brings various treasures. (Scroll below for great ideas.)

ADVICE ON HOW TO BE A GOOD TOOTH FAIRY: As your little one’s baby teeth start to wiggle, get prepared! Keep a secret stash of whatever goodies your Tooth Fairy is planning to deliver. Except for the first tooth (which is an exciting milestone), there’s no need to set the bar too high. Little well-thought things can be even more enchanting than something expensive. Below are some fun Tooth Fairy ideas.


  • FAIRY DUST: Sprinkle shimmer on the prize left by the Tooth Fairy, under your child’s pillow, and anywhere she may have traveled. Have fun with it! Perhaps make tiny footprints in the shimmer. Doll shoes make the perfect sized footprints.

  • UNUSUAL CURRENCY: If your Tooth Fairy chooses to leave money, perhaps a $2 bill, silver dollar, $1 golden coin, or an international coin would be a novelty! Many banks have some of these in stock.

  • FAIRY LETTER: Have your Tooth Fairy leave a tiny note with a personalized message to your child, thanking them for their beautiful clean tooth, and encouraging them to keep up the good work.

  • MAGICAL COLORED WATER: Leave a glass of water in your child’s bedroom and have them drop their tooth into it. During the night if the Tooth Fairy must dive to the bottom of the glass to fetch the tooth, perhaps her wings and dress will change the water from clear to colored! (A drop of food coloring does the trick.)

  • TOOTH KEEPSAKE: Pick out a special box, pouch, or even a fancy “tooth pillow” for the tooth to be stored and for the Tooth Fairy to leave her treasure.

  • TINY FAIRY DOOR: A doorway for the Tooth Fairy to come and go will make this milestone even more magical. Several online vendors sell tiny Fairy Doors that can be installed against the wall of your child’s room. They are adorable! Feeling crafty? You can opt to make one yourself.

  • TOOTH CARE PRIZES: If your Tooth Fairy has a passion for oral care, perhaps she will want to leave a novelty toothbrush and a yummy flavor of toothpaste!

And to ensure all your children’s teeth are worthy of making the Tooth Fairy proud, be sure to visit Sunshine Children’s Dentistry twice annually for oral checkups. We are a resource to you, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about your child’s changing smile. We believe that oral health should be FUN and something to SMILE about!

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We at Sunshine Children's Dentistry are THANKFUL for our patients!

Your family is a blessing to everyone at our office. Thank you for the honor of serving you! If you ever need to reach us, our number is 910.762.7736.

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