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💜💕HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! 💕💜 We love our patients!

Each patient is loved by our Sunshine Team! Here’s what our team LOVES about caring for little smiles at Sunshine Children’s Dentistry.

Dr. Rob Point - “What I LOVE about Sunshine Children’s Dentistry is the strong team dynamic that makes coworkers and patients feel like family. What I LOVE about our kiddos/patients is their fun sense of humor and the silly stories they share.”

Dr. Lise Bradley - “I LOVE when my patients learn how to improve his or her brushing (sometimes after many, many discussions).”

Brittney Macon - “I LOVE the kids, of course!They keep working fun and interesting and our new doctor, Robert Point. He is so patient and caring with all the patients.”

Emily Howard - “I LOVE how close knit we all are, and I LOVE working with the kids. It’s always something new and fun! I absolutely LOVE my job.”

Candace Custis - “What I LOVE about Sunshine Children's Dentistry is it so rewarding to work at such an awesome practice, helping children with their beautiful smiles! What I LOVE about the kiddos - I look forward to seeing our patients and giving them the best care they deserve. It puts a smile on my face everyday.”

Becki Williams - “I LOVE my work family!”

Tonya Jacobs Lambui - “I LOVE the kids at Sunshine Dentistry!”

Angela Malpass - “I feel respected and valued for who I am and what I bring to our Sunshine Team. I LOVE being able to make a difference in their lives.”


To learn more about our spectacular and LOVABLE Sunshine Team, visit our website or call us!


PHONE: 910.762.7736

ADDRESS: 1911 S. 17th Street #140, Wilmington, NC 28401

We love our patients so much!

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