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6 Tips for Your Back to School SMILE

With these 6 FUN DENTAL TIPS, you’ll be able to establish healthy dental habits that can last a lifetime.

Back to School SMILE


1. VISIT A PEDIATRIC DENTIST who specializes in children’s teeth.

2. Sing a little song while you BRUSH 2X PER DAY: before school and before bedtime. Don’t forget to floss, too!

3. WATCH OUT FOR SUGAR BUGS! Opt for veggies, fruits, and cheese. Cut back on sweets and juices to avoid cavities.

4. DON’T SHARE GERMS! Teach kids not to share spoons/cups. Spreading germs can lead to both illnesses and cavities.

5. PICK OUT FUN “SCHOOL SUPPLIES” - A colorful toothbrush and a flavored fluoride toothpaste make good dental habits fun.

6. PROTECT LITTLE TEETH FROM BIG DECAY. Ask your dentist about getting sealants that can keep out decay from the deep grooves of their teeth.

Children have FUN & SMILE at Sunshine Children’s Dentistry! New patients are always welcome. With decades of experience, you can feel confident that our dentists Dr. Fry and Dr. Bradley will take great care of your family. Our beautiful new office is playful, soothing, and a fun place for children to create happy memories. We welcome all children ages 10 and younger, including newborns. Our goal is for every child to have a positive dental experience that will put a BRIGHT SMILE on their face. During this back to school season, there’s never been a better time to smile!


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