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Maintaining Healthy Smiles During Halloween.

Is the thought of TOOTH DECAY giving you the CREEPS? This Halloween season, kids will likely be eating more "sugar bugs" than usual. Tooth decay is a result of a disease called Dental Carries, caused by germs that are easily spread and made worse by certain foods we eat. This Halloween, keep these 5 simple tips in mind to keep those smiles healthy.

Happy Teeth come from Healthy Meals!

1. Limit candy intake to certain times to help reduce decay.

Loads of sweets can be a tempting snack for kids (and adults). But depriving kids of their hard earned trick-or-treat sweets will likely make them crave their candy more. Instead of eliminating all candy, limit candy to directly after mealtime. The boosted amounts of saliva created for eating their meal will help cancel out some of the dental plaque bacteria acid often associated with sugar.

2. Not all candy is equally scary.

When trying to decide which candies are more or less harmful, think about the amount of time it will take to eat. For example, chocolate dissolves quickly, whereas sticky and hard candies take a while to eat. Additionally, chewy and hard candies can get stuck in your teeth, potentially causing more harm.

3. Sugar-free Gum can be a great option.

Gum with the ADA seal gets two thumbs up. Chewing yummy sugar-free gum after eating helps to boost saliva and wash out food. Sound like a win-win to us!

4. Omit drinking sugary beverages.

Opt for water to drink, rather than sweet soft-drinks which give your teeth a bath in sugar. Water not only is healthier for your body, it keeps you mouth cleaner, too.

5. Remember to BRUSH and FLOSS.

"Sugar bugs" aren't as scary of a threat if you quickly defeat them with fluoridated toothpaste, mouthwash, and flossing. Allow the Halloween festivities to be fun by taking a moment to clean your teeth. And most importantly, remember to SMILE!

For an extra healthy smile, visit Sunshine Children's Dentistry! Our phone number is 910.762.7736. We look forward to seeing you.

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