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12 New Uses for Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a wonder! We all know the importance of brushing our teeth with fluoride-enriched toothpaste to strengthen our teeth's enamel and prevent cavities. But few know the abundant usefulness of this handy tube of paste - from polishing jewelry, repairing scratches, cleaning surfaces, soothing bug bites, and plenty more! Check out 12 uses below.

12 New Uses for Toothpaste

A Dozen New Uses for Your Toothpaste

(For the following tips, we recommend using traditional non-gel toothpaste. Always test on a small inconspicuous area of the item you are cleaning beforehand to ensure the toothpaste does not have any adverse effects.)

Watch Band Dirt Removal with Toothpaste

1. WATCH BAND DIRT REMOVAL: A bit of toothpaste on an old toothbrush can scrub nooks and crannies and remove dirt from a watch band. Rinse the watch band with a wet cloth and polish dry with a dry cloth. (Just be careful not to damage the watch face with toothpaste or water.)

CD DVD Cleaning with Toothpaste

2. REMOVE FINGERPRINTS & SCRATCHES FROM YOUR CD/DVD. Skip - skip - skip. No one likes a CD or DVD that keeps skipping. The mild abrasion of non-gel toothpaste can help to smooth out the playing surface of your disc. Just be sure to be very gentle, as to not cause additional markings. Rub a thin coat of toothpaste on the disc, and lightly remove with a soft cloth, then rinse fully.

Remove Scratches & Odors from your Car with Toothpaste

3. REMOVE SCRATCHES & ODORS FROM YOUR CAR: Musky car odors? A simple car freshener: squeeze a blob of minty toothpaste onto a paper towel, then roll it up, and place under a seat in your car. When your car heats up from the sun, the mint fragrance will be revealed. Replace car freshener as needed. Minor scratches can also be buffed out by applying toothpaste onto a sponge, gently rub in a circular motion, and then rinse off.

Shoe Cleaning with Toothpaste

4. SHOE CLEANING: Have stains on your favorite sneakers? Revive the white rubber by scrubbing whitening toothpaste with an old toothbrush, and then rinse with a damp cloth. Have scuffs on your leather shoes? Try dabbing a small amount of toothpaste on the scuff, rub with a soft dry cloth, and then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Mirror Defogger with Toothpaste

5. MIRROR DEFOGGER: Needing to get ready after your shower, but your mirror is all fogged up? Take a bit of non-gel toothpaste, rub it onto the mirror prior to showering, wipe clean with a wet cloth, and it should later reduce the condensation on your mirror.

Soothe Bug Bites with Toothpaste

6. SOOTHE BUG BITES: Ouch! Those bug bites can hurt and itch. Two common ingredients in toothpaste can offer relief: menthol and baking soda. Soothe bug bites by applying a small blob of toothpaste to the affected area, and let it sit until dry. Once flaky, you can wash it off with water. The toothpaste also aids with swelling since it helps to draw fluids to the surface of your skin.

Remove Buildup from Irons with Toothpaste

7. REMOVE BUILDUP FROM IRONS: Because non-gel toothpaste is mildly abrasive, it can remove the gunk buildup on the plate of your iron. Simply apply toothpaste to an old cloth, scrub the iron plate, and wipe clean with a damp cloth, ensuring to remove all toothpaste. (First make sure the iron is unplugged and cool.)

Remove Crayon Marks from Walls & Furniture with Toothpaste

8. REMOVE CRAYON MARKS FROM WALLS & FURNITURE: Uh oh! The little artists decided to create a mural on your walls! If it's not the masterpiece you were expecting, those crayon marks can be washed off with toothpaste, a damp rag, and a bit of water. (Note: Just be sure to test on an inconspicuous area of your wall/furniture beforehand.)

Polish Piano Keys with Toothpaste

9. POLISH PIANO KEYS: It might take a bit of time, but watch how your piano keys sparkle after! Use a wet cotton swab with a smudge of toothpaste, rub in a circular motion over piano keys, then wipe clean with a damp cloth, and polish with a soft dry cloth.

Sink Cleaner & Odor Reducer with Toothpaste

10. SINK CLEANER & ODOR REDUCER: The most convenient sink cleaner is right there on your countertop! A small blob on a sponge can remove grime. Plus the minty freshness can reduce odor from the drain. Win win!

Diamond Ring - clean with Toothpaste

11. MAKE THAT DIAMOND RING SPARKLE: A dab of toothpaste on an old toothbrush can polish a diamond ring and remove dirt from the nooks and crannies. Rinse with warm water.

Polish Silver & Brass with Toothpaste

12. POLISH SILVER & BRASS: Over time, silver and brass can lose their shine. Revive their beauty by scrubbing it with toothpaste, polishing the dull areas in a circular motion with a cloth, wiping clean, and polishing dry with a soft dry cloth. (Note: If cleaning jewelry, avoid opals and pearls, as toothpaste can remove their luster.)

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