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Dentist Office That Accepts  Medicaid

Having  Your Child's Trip to the Dentist Paid Through Medicaid

One of the things you want to be certain of before you visit any type of dentist is that you have a means of making payments in a way that works for you. The team at Sunshine Children’s Dentistry tries to make this easy by accepting all types of payments, including a dentist office that accepts Medicaid. Finding a dentist's office that accepts Medicaid can help you in a variety of ways, starting with your finances.


Just like we focus on making the dentist experience for kids positive and stress-free, we want to do the same for our parents that visit the office. Being a dentist office that accepts Medicaid helps to fill in that checkbox for parents, giving an extra payment option outside of standard dental insurance. Working with our team, including Dr. Fry and Dr. Bradley, will hopefully give you ample options so you can end up with a positive financial experience and result in our office.

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