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Dentist for Special Needs Kids

The Experience, Knowledge, and Skill Set to Treat Special Needs Kids at the Dentist

The dentist is the type of place where a child with special needs can end up with a lot of anxiety before, during, as well as after the visit. It does not need to be this way, though, and it all comes down to the actual dentistry office you select to bring the children. A prime example is that of the Shine Children’s Dentistry in Wilmington, NC. Our team is a top option as a dentist for special needs kids due to our professionals and their experience, knowledge, as well as a skillset to work with all types of children.


A dentist for special needs kids can be difficult to find. What you are looking for is a team of professionals that can help put your child at ease, create a fun, playful, relaxed, and colorful setting all around. This will help the children ease their minds, become more relaxed across the board.


One of the best dentist for special needs kids available is our very own dentist at Sunshine Dr Fry Dental. Dr. “French” Fry as our children call him has decades of experience working as a dentist for special needs kids and all kids. The goal when you visit our Sunshine Dr Fry dental is creating a soothing environment, one that will help to reduce anxiety across the board and also create positive memories for the children.


When the next trip to the dentist comes up, the goal is for your child to be excited about the visit, coming to see Dr. “French” Fry, and being sure you are focusing on early prevention for a lifetime of quality oral health. Professional training and a unique skill set will net you the results you want at a dentist's office, especially when talking about special needs children. We have a team that is trained to care specifically for children. When you focus on the health of children's teeth early on, you can assist in the development of their teeth and gums, early on identifying any problem areas and taking care of minor issues that come up along the way. Our additional treatment options such as lower risk X-rays and sedation make it easy to do more detailed reviews of areas of special needs kids, when necessary as well. When they leave with toys, stickers, and care kits, they will have a smile from ear to ear ahead of their next visit.

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