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Children's Dentist Wilmington

How to Make the Dentist a Fun, Not Scary Place for Young Kids

That very first try to the dentist for a young child, no matter their age can always be very high-stress. They worry about what they are going to do, what the dentist will be doing on their mouth, their teeth, etc. How, as a parent, can you make the dentist more of a fun place to visit? Not all dentist trips need to be scary and it is even possible to have your kids look forward to the dentist. it all comes down to choosing the right dentistry location to visit with the proper team of professionals there to help.


Locating a pediatric dentist near me starts with a search online or through a referral process. In the Wilmington, NC area there are going to be many dentists, but our team led by Dr. Fry or Dr. “French” Fry as the children call him is one of the originals in the area. The whole goal with our office at the Sunshine Children’s Dentistry is to create a fun and playful environment, one where children are put at ease. When you look for a pediatric dentist near me, you want an office created with children top of mind.


A childrens dentist Wilmington residents can trust will focus on a variety of routine services. These include early prevention, routine cleanings, X-Rays, and more. All of our equipment at the Sunshine Children’s Dentistry is with children in mind, meaning everything is sized for children, and the environment is created to create a relaxed and colorful setting. When children see other kids at our childrens dentist Wilmington office, it will help them minimize their own anxiety levels and leave the dentist with positive memories. It is these memories that will stick with them in the future so that the next time their trip to the dentist comes up for their next routine care, it is something they look forward to instead of fearing.

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