Lip Tongue Tie Surgery

Treating Oral Health in a Child Early With a Variety of Treatment Options

There are so many treatment options when it comes to children and their oral health that it is breathtaking and reassuring all at the same time. You never know what type of oral health care needs a child will have, but caring for each of them is of the utmost importance. A prime example would be something like lip tongue tie surgery. This surgery can help with their speech, oral health, and more. When you need this type of care, you want to turn to a team of professionals you can trust completely with your child’s oral health.


Our team at Sunshine Children’s Dentistry is a team of specially trained professionals with decades of experience in the state of North Carolina caring for kids from newborns right up to their early adult years. We focus on early prevention so that you can end up with al lifetime of quality oral health for your child. Creating a soothing environment makes something like a lip tongue tie surgery seem like a breeze for both the child and parents alike.