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Laser Oral Surgery

 We are one of the few pediatric dental offices in NC who utilize state-of-the-art CO2 lasers for a full range of procedures. We are dedicated to using innovative technologies and precise care in order to provide the most comfortable and enjoyable experiences for our young patients. Learn more about how lasers are used at our dentistry.

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Infant Oral Surgery.

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About Infant Oral Surgery...



PROBLEM: Tongue-Tie / Lip-Tie is a thin piece of tissue behind the tongue or lips that restricts necessary movement. Babies with this condition can have trouble with feeding and speaking. It can also cause breastfeeding to become painful for mothers. However, conditions can be treated.

REMEDY: Sunshine Children's Dentistry is one of the select pediatric dentist offices that can offer Solea and LightScalpel CO2 Laser oral surgeries. Consider talking with one of our dentists, Dr. Fry or Dr. Bradley, about the Infant Laser Frenectomy procedure. Laser oral surgery may be of benefit. (SEE BENEFITS)

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In the case of Tongue-Tie, a thin piece of tissue called Lingual Frenulum (which connects the underside of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth) may either be too tight or attach too far towards the tip of the tongue. This can restrict the tongue from full movement required to latch for milk, eat, and later speak.

Similarly, in the case of Lip-Tie, the tissue called Labial Frenulum connected to the lips, if too tight, may be causing restriction. However, these conditions can often be treated.

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