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Infant Oral Care

Who Can You Trust When Your Baby Needs Laser Oral Surgery

It can be a scary thing when your baby needs any kind of medical care or attention. One of the most common things that a baby will require though is the top oral surgery. With a baby, you really want to hone in on the early prevention of any issues. Even a newborn taking a trip to the dentist can make a lot of sense so that you can have the gums looked at by a professional to give you peace of mind or awareness of any potential concerns that require remediation. In the event your baby does need oral surgery, you want to look for a laser oral surgery for babies professional you can trust completely.


Starting this search does not need to be a scary one or even one that sparks any type of anxiety, as there are some amazing professionals right in the Wilmington, NC area. This would include our team at the Sunshine Children’s Dentistry. The team specializes in early prevention with newborns and is specially trained to focus on the development of the teeth and gums of kids.


The team is led by Dr. Fry who has decades of experience with falser oral surgery for babies and overall infant oral care. The entire office has children in its design being top of mind. We create a relaxed setting for children, as well as parents. All of the equipment is specially sized for children to help create a comfortable setting for them where they can have positive memories and reduced anxiety.


Our additional treatment options make it easy for you to feel safe and secure in what we are intending to do as well. This includes lower risk X-rays and more. If you need laser oral surgery for babies, it is not the end of the world. Find a dentist like ours with Dr. Fry that you can trust based on his credentials, experience, and more so you can be certain that your baby is in good hands and will end up just fine.

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